About Flying Horse, the home of Cake & Coffee…

  • Maxi on our see saw

The Flying Horse team all play an important part in the day to day running of our company.

We want to make horse riding fun and safe for both horse and rider.
Here at Flying Horse we don’t just focus on riding. We focus on teamwork, education and confidence building to make riding fun again. We make sure that horse and rider learn in a safe, supportive environment. We actively work on holistically improving performance.
We promise that we will treat each client as a friend and we will love your horses as if they were our own.
Relax, Ride, Smile!.

Flying Horse Grooming Range

Here at Flying Horse we pride ourselves on the appearance of our horses. People always comment on the lovely shiny coats and flowing tails. We firmly believe that good feed, a relaxed environment and correct training go a long way to achieving this.

Hot Oil, Shampoo and Bit Balm

Hot Oil, Shampoo and Bit Balm

Regular grooming is important too. Even the horses not in work are brought in once a week for a good check over and groom. The horses in work are groomed every day and tails are washed and conditioned once a week. If sweaty after working they are hosed down and dried off.

With the arrival of our latest horse Charlie, we had to rethink what we used in grooming products as he is super sensitive. His nose was cracked and bleeding while his coat was dull and lifeless. He reacted to the shampoo we usually use and came out in huge welts which added to his discomfort.

So we decided to start making our own products; Julia trained at Southland Hospital as a Manufacturing Dispensary technician back when the hospital made all the creams and shampoos etc .

After sourcing the high quality ingredients we set to work making various potions and testing them on ourselves! No humans were harmed in the making of our products so we know they are safe for our precious horses!

Charlie is the proof that they work as he looks amazing now and his nose is covered in soft fur instead of being cracked and weeping.

Meet Our Team

Julia Latham
Julia LathamDirector and Equine Manager.
Expert at inspiring people to follow their dreams, Julia will help you achieve your riding goals.
Dave Latham
Dave LathamDirector and Flying Manager
High time helicopter pilot and expert horseman, Dave has created our beautiful facilities.
MaxiChief Hoofball tutor and therapist.
Maxi is perfect for helping people gain confidence and face their fears.
TobyJust looks cute and wags a lot.
TabithaHead of rodent control.
Tabitha also is our “meet and greet” person.
HannahWorking Pupil
Hannah is our working pupil and team rider for Flying Horse.
Hi! I’m Hannah, I’m 12 years old and have been riding for 3-4 years, i have loved horses from as long as I can remember. I started ridding one of Flying Horse Ltd horses Maxi, then I eventually got my first pony Birdie on lease, she was an older pony who had been there and done that, was 11 hands, and I loved her. I took her to pony club every week and she really enjoyed it, sadly she passed away this year at age 30.

While we still had Birdie we brought Lily back in 2014, who is a little bay pony, 14hh, which was huge jump going from 11hh to that! I was real nervous at the start riding Lily, but luckily Julia from Flying Horse was there to
help me gain confidence.

For the first year of owning Lily I did not compete, I just tried to gain
the confidence, then in 2015 I started dressage doing the beginners pony unregistered at Gore, we managed to win the series for the beginners. Now Lily and I are registered and all ready to do dressage for the 2016 season,and will compete at the South Island champs, I don’t know how we will go but we will certainly have fun.

Some of our Happy Clients