I wrote this article a few years ago for my friend Faye Rogers to go with an article she had published. I was thinking of Ben this morning and he wanted me to share it again. 🙂

Animals as healers

My name is Julia and I work with horses as a healer, trainer and educator. My experience with energy healing came about quite suddenly and had a profound effect on me.

I had suffered chronic neck pain for years and nothing seemed to help until I went along to a talk on energy healing. Very sceptical about the whole “hocus pocus” thing I offered myself as a guinea pig for the others to practice on. Suddenly my whole life changed! My neck was healed and I was pain free!

I went home and did nothing for three days but eat and sleep ( I learnt later that profound and sudden healing has that affect), feeling drained but at the same time elated as there was no pain.

One the fourth day I ventured outside and heard a voice saying “can you do me now please? “!!  It was Maxi, one of my horses, and so my horse healing started.

Since then I have found that healing, instructing and teaching is becoming more integrated. The lines are blurred as to who needs help; the horse or its human. Quite often people bring their horses to me for healing and the horse gently explains to me the issues their human has! Horses try so hard to please us and they echo our own emotions and fears, even at times trying to take on the hurt their humans are feeling. Lack of communication eventually causes the horse to switch off, which the human then gets angry at and punishes the horse! Healing may sometimes be for muscle pain or allergy or emotional trauma; healing may also be teaching the human how to listen to what their horse is trying to tell them. Healing a rift between horse and rider may involve helping the rider to improve their position so helping the horse to carry himself (and rider) with ease and elegance instead of tension and anger. Sometimes healing is showing the horse how to let go of old memories so they can forge a successful partnership with a new more sympathetic owner.

I met Faye a few months ago and on her course I had another profound experience this time with one of my own horses. Ben is a beautiful grey Clyde/TB cross, nearly 17hh.

We have had him since a yearling and he is now 14 years old. Ben has always cared for the other animals. Years ago when my mare Blondie had a serious accident in the paddock it was Ben who alerted us by running up and down and neighing. He stayed by her side while the vet worked on her and there was no way we could make him leave. He looks after all our young horses teaching them the ways of us humans.

Whenever one of our animals is sick (whether it’s a sheep, horse or even the dog) Ben is there offering comfort and support. The neighbour’s horse came to stay after having an operation for colic and Ben never left her side.

I recognised Ben’s healing touch but I had never realised how much it took out of him. With Faye’s guidance we asked Ben why he was sad and the answer astounded me. Ben was holding on to all the sadness and pain he had removed from the other animals ( including me). He was tired and overwhelmed by all those years of healing.

Ben said he wanted to be free and run again. We gently explained to him that he didn’t have to hold onto all that unwanted emotion and that he could let it go and “be free” again.

As we said this there was a lifting of sadness from Ben’s lovely heart and we all felt the huge release of emotion. That evening when I got home Ben was waiting at the gate for me. He seemed taller, bigger and had gone from a plain grey to a luminous glowing white.

Since then Ben still gives comfort and healing but has learnt to let go and not hold all that sadness in his heart. His movement is more expressive and he is lighter on his feet. The weight of all that emotional baggage was weighing him down.


Message from Ben:


We need starlight for in the stars is the wisdom of the ages. Our eyes are pools of ancient wisdom that absorb and hold onto the messages from the stars. Humans need that wisdom and are always searching for it. We horses hold the key if only you would be still in your mind and listen to what we have to say. Be polite to your horse and seek his opinion. Feel with your mind and your skin as you are sitting on his back. Be soft and asking not hard and unyielding. Be quiet in you mind and listen as the horses wisdom trickles into the recess of your consciousness.