Last month I wrote about getting stuck in and striving to constantly improve. This month I want to talk about when we try to do that but a big, nasty WHAT IF gets in the way.

WHAT Ifs are nasty and they have a habit of breeding uncontrollably if we let them. I have a few tips to help you keep them under control.

Acknowledge them. After all in small doses they are a form of self protection . But don’t let the WHAT IF take over. Use each WHAT IF as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Isolate them. Don’t give the WHAT IF power over you. OK so you had a bad fall and are afraid of getting back on. But I bet you can still catch your horse and groom him; take him for a walk around the paddock or arena. Doing those things will stop the WHAT IF taking control until you can find someone to help.

Stop them breeding. WHAT IFs are clever. They prey on your insecurities and suddenly they have multiplied and you can’t do anything with your horse. Make sure to silence the WHAT IF when it starts to intrude on other areas of your horse relationship which you know are in good health.

Find a WHAT IF tamer.  I am an expert in that field as I have had my fair share of WHAT Ifs! You need a trainer who will understand your fears and can help you work through them in a structured fashion. They should be able to recognise a WHAT IF and have strategies to reduce them.

Increase your comfort zone. WHAT Ifs can’t get you when you are in your comfort zone so you need a trainer who will help you to increase the size of your comfort zone. Next month I will give you tips to help grow your comfort zone.

Happy riding!

*This article was originally published on Equine Online