Jumping for non-jumpers!

Here at Flying Horse, we have clients from a variety of backgrounds.  Some have been riding for years and wish to up-skill, some would like to further develop the relationship with their horse, some are just getting into riding, and some are building up their confidence, often after a fall. Many of our clients jumped as children, and we have others who haven't jumped at all.  So today, we arranged for a low-key jumping day primarily for our non-jumpers, or those wanting to build their confidence around jumping. We started off with poles on the ground.  Some started off leading their horses, others rode in walk and trot over the poles.  We progressed during the day to some of our 'dressage' and 'western' riders jumping over crosspoles. We had an awesome time, with many of our clients achieving their goals for the day; some photos are shown below: (for future jumping days, keep an eye out on our events page!)

Challenge Day Approaching!

We only have three more Cake & Coffee Days before our Challenge Day on June 22nd. You need to have attended at least 2 Cake & Coffee Days WITH YOUR HORSE to be eligible to enter. There are great prizes and beautiful ribbons to be won, plus a stunning sash for the Champion Led and Champion Ridden. What is Cake & Coffee? Each month we hold two open days on the first Wednesday morning (10am) and the following Saturday afternoon (1pm) It costs $5 pp and you bring something yummy to eat. You can come by yourself or bring a horse. We have all the facilities available plus you can play Hoofball, try out the horse seesaw, small jumps, an obstacle course, or just you can just watch. Some people ride, some lead their horses around; there is no pressure to do anything. It’s great for young horses to allow them to socialise and get used to crowds without the stress of a competition. Then we put the horses away (we have small paddocks if you don’t want to tie them up) and go inside to have a cuppa and some cake while chatting.