Most of us who ride are competitive in some way and we all love getting a 1st place rosette or ribbon but I’m starting to prefer “doing a 1st” instead. It doesn’t mean I’m not competitive it just means I am competing against myself. I’m working hard at beating my fears and doing new things with my horses.
The more new stuff you do the bigger your comfort zone gets; the bigger your comfort zone the more new stuff you do! The trick is to start trying. Write a list of al the things you dream of doing with your horse. They don’t have to be big, flash “going to the Olympics” kind of things. It might be riding along the beach, cantering, learning to jump, getting my horse to stand still. It might even be actually getting on your horse.
Then you need a support person; someone who understands how scary things can be and who won’t make you feel wimpy or stupid. Team up with a friend and help each other. Start working on the things you want to do and slowly they will start happening. If you need more support then come to Flying Horse. We can be your support person. Our Cake & Coffee Days are an ideal way of meeting people who are “doing 1st”.
That day when you suddenly “do a 1st” will be so inspiring, so amazing you will want to keep on going. It will make you smile for days afterwards and you will be developing a wonderful partnership with your horse. This week at Flying Horse we have had a client ride a horse for the 1st time in 6 years, another rode for the 1st time after breaking her leg. Three people played Hoofball for the 1st time. One little girl jumped 60cm for the 1st time, another smiled and relaxed for the 1st time.
So get out there and start doing 1st!