Everyone, no matter how good a rider, has at some time experienced confidence issues. Sometimes it’s a little blip that is easily overcome with supportive friends and/or your trainer. But sometimes it is a nasty wee monster that grows out of control and takes over, not only our riding, but our whole life. The thing about losing your confidence is that it also makes your comfort zone a whole heap smaller; and that makes you lose more confidence!

The first thing we do when people come to us with a confidence issue is to assess both rider and horse. We check that the horse is not sore anywhere. If it is then we bring Karen Burrows in to work her Equine Touch magic. We check the horses emotional state and if that needs attention we do energy and crystal therapy to promote emotional balance and wellness.

Then it’s the rider’s turn. If the confidence issue has resulted from a fall we use our Therapy horses (Maxi and Ben) to help the rider regain confidence and relaxation. Our horses are healers in their own right and are used to nervous riders. They are especially useful when the riders fall occurred when mounting. This is a very vulnerable time and if you fall off when you’re only halfway on it can causes major confidence issues.

Once the rider is happy on our horses we can then start them back on their own horse. It is so rewarding watching them become a team again.

A trainer told me long ago that: confidence is like a bucket of water. You can kick it over and its empty in a flash but you can only fill it back up one cupful at a time.